TLB – Philosophy

We are competent professionals:
Experience, foresight and an interdisciplinary approach are the warrants of our success.

  • We develop innovations based on inventions for our customers success.
  • We stand for excellent quality
  • Our teamassures our success

Each invention needs an own solution. We design custom-made concepts with competence and creativity so that inventions turn into innovations, from their utilization via patent management straight up to the right use.

We serve future markets by tracking down technological trends and by advancing the marketing activities of corresponding products. Recognizing the markets of tomorrow for today's ideas represents the greatest challenge. An active interdisciplinary integration of areas of expertise, short decision-making processes and flat hierarchies enable us to achieve sustainable results.

Our expertise encompasses more than the sum of the knowledge of each individual member. Only a combination of experience, foresight and a distinctive communication readiness within our team can create and foster individual solutions to their full development. 

We are independent:
Economic independence is the basis of our impartial consulting services.

  • We leverage our innovations to the market.
  • We brak new ground.
  • We see change as our chance.
A high degree of financial independence from investors and funging provide the fooundation to operate freely in response to the changing and growing needs of our customers and markets. Predominatly private financing sets the focus on one's own strengths, encouraging the acceptance as a commercial enterprise by third parties. Te flexible use of financial resources, taking appropriate patenting procedures into account, leads to the benefit of the universities, the inventors and the economy so that each invention gets what it really deserves.

We are present:
For more than adecade now, TLB is shaping the process of technology transfer between science and industry.

  • We are the bridge between science and industry.
  • We shape opinions.
  • We foster our networks.
TLB is known in universities and industry as a powerful interface between science and industry across national borders and we are valued for our high degree of professionalism. TLB is committed to public and policy opinion making in matters of technology transfer both nationally and European wide. All TLB employees do not only carefully maintain their own networks, but they also establishe access to peaple and to technologies for the benefit of enterprises.